Radiators F.A.Q.

Radiators - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment method?

- The payment method is by bank transfer. We accept only advanced payment.

How long does it take to get a new radiator?

- Once you have communicate us the exact model of your bike or vehicle and we have received the payment we start produce your new radiator. It will take about 10/15 days. Then we will deliver it. The delivery time changes according to your location and the terms of delivery we have agreed.

Does the racing radiators need fans?

- No, they don't. The racing radiators are oversized radiators that helps to lower the temperature of the water while you are racing, they don't need fans.

What do I need the "triangular radiator" for?

- You need the extra radiator to increase the cooling performance. In this way you don't have to change your old radiator and you just add the new triangular one: if you have fans mounted on the old one you can keep on using them (ex.for road driving).

How do I know if there is enough space to put the additional triangular radiator?

- You need 3 centimeters in space when the front suspension is bottomed out.

Why should I add to my motorbike an oil cooling radiator?

- Because it helps increasing the performance of your vehicle. It helps to extend the life of your engine too. Oil coolers are more difficult than Radiators to set up.